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Growing Up As She Grows Old


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Growing Up As She Grows Old


Family care giving is almost by its very nature stressful; no tidbit of advice you might receive can magically turn it into a relaxing experience. But having some essential information can help you to support your elder while you simultaneously tend to your own needs. And that is exactly what this book is designed to provide.                                     

          Aging Without Wrinkles 

My show – “Aging Without Wrinkles” - is aired over Artist First, Internet Radio.  It deals with “aging,” interpreting that word as broadly as possible. You can download an archive of past programs at this link.

These two women were the guests on my August 3, 2016 show.

 Lara Proegler

Lara Proegler

Essential oils, the chemical components that give plants their characteristic odors, have long been utilized in the production of perfumes and flavors. Now, however, they are also being widely touted for their unique ability to help the body rebalance itself. And when she markets these oils (manufactured by deTerra), Lara Proegler takes that fact into consideration as she stresses their immensely supportive powers.


But she also goes a step further and works to make people aware of cautions that they must take when purchasing this product. She, for example, tells them that they should look askance at displays where all essential oils are sold at the same price (per weight). That pricing she notes does not necessarily make sense because some oils are more expensive to extract than are others.


In addition to working as a wellness consultant, Lara is also very active in her community, serving as volunteer project manager for various events sponsored through the Mentor United Methodist Church and as a Den leader with the Cub Scouts. Her web site is:


Rosemary Ousley


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Eversight Ohio, which provides corneal tissue for transplantation and research, compiled some impressive statistics during 2015 Thanks to its efforts, 1478 people received corneal transplants, 1203 donors gave the gift of sight, and 59% of Ohioans are now registered as tissue donors.

This organization was originally established as the Cleveland Eye Bank during 1958, 50 years after the first corneal transplant was attempted. It is now an affiliate of the non-profit Eversight, a network that joins together eye banks in many Mid-Western States.  Eversight Ohio receives funding from the Cleveland Eye Band Foundation and grants.  This non-profit’s web site is

Debbie May-Johnson the Executive Director of Eversight Ohio during June of 2012.  At that point, she brought with her 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, having spent the bulk of her career dealing with organ and tissue transplantation. She is currently a member of the Second Chance Trust Fund, an Ohio-based effort which supports projects that raise awareness about the importance of organ, and tissue donation.


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Hi Harriet-Its DR Carol

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Harriet, I can relate to so much of your experience having looked after to own Mom for seven years. KeMp up the good work!

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